Conte Negroni – First batch in production

Somewhere in 2017, we fell in love with Negroni, a bittersweet and nostalgic cocktail. Since then experimenting, tasting en trying to find a perfect distilled Negroni, based on the basic 1/3rd cocktail recipe.

During the 2020 COVID pandemic and the first Belgian Lockdown, our search was boosted because neighbours, friends and family all fell in love with our beloved Negroni.

Recently we found a first satisfying recipe meeting our demands. It’s time to produce our first batch of Negroni. We’re planning a full barrel production of 200L, an equivalent of 400 bottles of 50cl.

We’re thrilled to share our Conte Negroni product with the world.

Tastefull greatings,

The Conte Negroni team

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