Your perfect Negroni Recipe – Blow away your visitors

You want to try and make a perfect Negroni yourself? Make one giving it your own signature. Just like we did with our Conte Negroni, you will have to experiment, taste and decide which liquors are perfect to your taste. We’ll give you some tips below to make your own Negroni.

If you don’t like trying or experimenting, we’ve done it for you. Years of tasting and improving the result to get the best Negroni liked by many. With a lower Alcohol (22%) our Conte Negroni is a more accessible and smoother drink compared to mixing the 3 liquors (this makes an average of Alc. 26-28%)

1. The classic Negroni

The basics:

  • 1/3 London dry Gin
  • 1/3 Italian bitters (Campari)
  • 1/3 Vermouth (red)

Serve 3cl of each part in a classy tumbler glass (like this one) filled with ice. Finish with a nice orange peel. (Pro tip: squeeze the peel and rub the glass to maximize flavours – check this video.

2. Change the bitters

Italian bitters 

Campari is one of the many Italian bitter liquors. You can experiment and change Campari into any other bitter Italian like Aperol, Luxardo Aperitivo, Rinomato,…

They are all bitter to bittersweat tasting aperitives, but with their own flavour.

You could change the classic Campari for the comparable Suze to create a white Negroni, a nice alternative if you don’t like the red color.

3. Change the Vermouth

Not 1 Vermouth is the same. They are all fortified red wines flavoured with lots of botanicals. Producers keep their secret on which herbs and spices they use. You can compare it to Gin, they use up to 50 botanicals to make their unique Vermouth style. Experiment and try different Vermouths, some are more herbal, some are sweeter (more sugar),….

4. Change the Gin 

Instead of a london dry gin, you could try some gins with other flavours. If you’re more into Alc. %, you could go for a stronger Gin and move from 40% to more than 50%. Keep in mind that herbal flavours in Gin lose the battle in the Negroni against the Vermouth and Campari flavours, so they might vanish and aren’t recognisable anymore.

5. Change the Gin – Part II (forget Negroni)

Because we love Negroni so much, we’ve put this option at the end. You could change the Gin in the Negroni cocktail, but then you are really wandering off to another cocktail. Gin is the basic of the Negroni, changing that is changing to another cocktail style. 

You can experiment with Bourbon, Whiskey, Cognac,… to find your favorite mix.

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