To Tonic or not to Tonic?

The best Negroni serves pure on the rocks, period.

But should we look into mixing with a Tonic? We’ve seen recipes for Negroni Fizz, made with Tonic or sparkling white wine. And, it’s because we like our Negroni pure, that everyone does. We can image it’s to bitter for some, or to alcoholic for others.

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Conte Negroni – First batch in production

Somewhere in 2017, we fell in love with Negroni, a bittersweet and nostalgic cocktail. Since then experimenting, tasting en trying to find a perfect distilled Negroni, based on the basic 1/3rd cocktail recipe. During the 2020 COVID pandemic and the first Belgian Lockdown we found a recipe meeting our demands. The first production will be there early 2021.

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