The launch

The online shop goes live

February 1st. The launch of a simple and efficient webshop. Living with Covid, there wasn’t any other option than starting online to reach as many customers as possible. In combination with presence in boutique wine- and lifestyle shops our product is also available offline. We keep on expanding our offline network.

There goes the first batch

Starting something new is paving your own way. “How much should we produce?” We decided to start with a 200 liter batch. Given we age our product for 4 weeks, we need at least 5 weeks to complete a batch. Right after the start of the sale, we began our 2nd batch. This time 300 liter.

After 3 weeks online sales we knew it was coming: we’re not going to last with our stock for another 2 weeks (until the next batch was ready). So it wasn’t an Apple-style marketing trick when we said: “we’re out of stock”.
Thrilled on one side we sold pretty well, disappointed we couldn’t sell for +/- 5 days.

Those first feedbacks

Before the launch we asked different people to try our product and provide feedback. It’s always a bit biased because most of them we knew. We thought: if they give us an 7/10, the world probably would give us a 5/10 score.

Heavy weight fell of our shoulders when we received the first feedback from industry professionals and Negronilovers. The 2 categories of people we were really looking to get positive feedback.

“If you were making a negroni from scratch this is how you would want it to be, you can tell the producers have taken time in creating the final product.” – TheNegroniKing

“When taking a large sip, I really taste the classic Negroni they serve in every descent bar in Italy.” – Doublestrainger

” it definitely was a solid aperitif. I found myself pouring from it 3 times the first evening” – Matthias Soberon

Never no Conte Negroni

After those first 2 months, we promised to always have enough stock of our bespoke red poison.
Being at the beginning of the rollout to the Horeca, we msu be able to delivery our product when people are looking for it 😉