Our Conte Negroni team


The idea man
Negroni lover for years. He was bothered drinking all kinds of Negroni’s, from bad to perfect. He thought the world could use a descent standard Negroni, one where people could refer to. Still loves to try out other combinations from time to time. Stefaan focusses on Export and large account collaborations.


Master of herbs
The brains in our hidden distillery. With an evolved and bespoke sense for taste, he managed to make a perfect Negroni, starting from the 3 components. He keeps searching for perfection and works on new products behind the scenes.


The marketing guy
Bumped into Stefaan by accident, while the product wasn’t finalized. Simon fell in love with the product and the adventure of raising a brand in a highly competitive market. If you think “how do they organize their ads”, he’s the guy to talk to.


The spirit handler
Managing his co-owned bar in the weekends, Jordy takes care of all our professional customers. He’s the “everybody knows him” guy. Have a question or a last minute order? Call Jordy. Organizing an event or looking for sponsorship? call Jordy. He shares the ambition to put Conte Negroni on the spirits map.

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